Lifecycle Management is a cloud-based automation product that improves IT efficiency and productivity around the company. This automation gives a frictionless and intuitive user experience, alongside extensibility to any application on whatever device. It is capable of automate all apps on-premise and in the cloud.

Mario Moreno

IAM Engineer

July 26th, 2021

When a user is hire, IT must give him or her an account with the proper access but also, they have to withdraw the acess granted if the user leaves the company. These actions are coordinated with other departments such as HR and it can create tension between these two areas if the process is made manually. Also, if these users are not off-boarded in a timely fashion, this information may be subject to attack. 

With Okta lifecycle management, it can automate the control of user identities for all the users, from creation to deactivation across every directory. With SSO, users will gain a unique experience and with universal directory users, groups and devices are managed in one central location. Also, you could even drive it processes automatically. Forget about human error, with lifecycle management, IT would be more productive than ever and your staff and partners will have access to the tools they need whenever and wherever they are. 


Organizations need to give reliable access to his employees, contractors and customers via their own mobile and desktop devices. Helpdesk administrators tend to rely on manual tools to give diverse access level to users. Unfortunately, they may leave security gaps, reduce productivity and slow down response time. Lack of automatization result in dependence on email, tickets and support, along with complications to manage roles, departments, geography and other user attributes.  


Extensible Pre-Integrated Provisioning: Mastering and provisioning that support coarse-grain to fine-grain management.  

Universal Directory: Directory for integration to any app or directory with lifecycle awareness 

Prescriptive Lifecycle Orchestration: Control of identities through rules, policies, workflows and API’s 

Simple Access Governance: Focus on access and ease to use that provides account and entitlement reporting 

Main benefits  

  1. Automate Access Decisions and Prevent Errors 
  2. Automate Account Creation and Changes 
  3. Maintain One Source of Truth for Users, Groups, and Devices 
  4. Prevent Errors in User Access Rights 

In summary, Okta Lifecycle Management has extensible pre-integrated provisioning to applications, a directory for integration, a lifecycle orchestration engine with workflows and policies, and access governance reporting. So, join Okta, the cloud-based identity lifecycle automation solution with provisioning for cloud-based and on prem application, policies and workforce.  


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