Cerby is a cutting-edge identity access management solution that utilizes RPA automation. It simplifies access management, enhances security, and ensures compliance. With Cerby, organizations can streamline processes, reduce errors, and adapt to evolving user requirements.

Link: https://www.cerby.com

Passwordless authentication for any app

Discover the power of passwordless authentication 

  • Unlock secure access with one click
  • Never worry about passwords again
  • Boost user productivity

Learn more at: https://www.cerby.com/solutions/passwordless

Eliminate your password manager

Tired of password manager breaches?

  • Eliminate the need for EPMs
  • Extend your identity lifecycle to any application
  • Take control of your security and productivity


Learn more at: https://www.cerby.com/solutions/eliminate-epm

Automate employee offboarding

Time to break up with offboarding woes

  • Automate offboarding
  • Centralize management
  • Offboard with confidence

Learn more at: https://www.cerby.com/solutions/automated-offboarding

Extend SSO to legacy and nonfederated apps

No SAML or OIDC? No problem

  • Close the IdP gap
  • Universally enforce 2FA
  • Eliminate the SSO tax

Learn more at: https://www.cerby.com/solutions/nonfederated-sso

Secure SaaS administrator accounts

The security wingman your SaaS accounts need

  • Secure your SaaS admin accounts
  • Protect your business from data breaches
  • Eliminate te costs of custom integrations

Learn more at: https://www.cerby.com/solutions/privileged-saas

2FA for shared accounts

Eliminate shared account risks

  • Eliminate manual 2FA enrollment
  • Keep your data secure with 2FA everywhere
  • Prove compliance with industry regulations


Learn more at: https://www.cerby.com/solutions/shared2fa

Securely manage access to all your social media accounts

Keep your brand reputation intact

  • Get your team connected securely
  • Share logins without sharing passwords
  • Secure agency access to paid social

Learn more at: https://www.cerby.com/solutions/social-media