Today's rapidly innovating technology and managing an infinity of accounts, using passwords as a primary method of authenticity opens the possibility of your credentials to be stolen. Luckily, an innovative trend to go passwordless has emerged, using other authentication methods to make authentication more secure.

Mario Moreno

IAM Engineer

July 26th, 2021

It is well known that for a vast majority of business passwords are costly and taxing to manage, and for all the users inside the company may deliver a low experience and be easily hackable by criminals. Thus, passwords are not truly doing what they were supposed to, because they are not protecting organization for identity thief or cyber attacks. Therefore the premise is that passwords are already outdated, cause frustration and generate risks.  
Companies are moving towards passwordless authentication. With this advanced technologies as biometric signatures, hardware tokens, cryptograhpic keys or pins, they prioritize the security of the user and his or her privileged information. By adopting a passwordless environment, the user experience will increase considerably in a positive way. 
Some of the main advantages of migrating to a Passwordless Multifactor Authentication is that it stops credential theft and phising. Also, it benefits the user experience by cutting authentication time and deliver a seamless experience. Moreover, drive efficiency and create better support and IT organizations by reducing password management operational costs. 
Okta brings us a wide variety of solutions according to the needs of the company and the users. Some of them are email magic links, factor sequencing, WebAuthn, PIV/Smart-card, Passwordless with device trust and Desktop Single Sign On. We leave you with this short video to learn more about these solutions.

Why should you implement a passwordless atmosphere?

···Better user experience···
Reduce user frustration and increase productivity
···Reduce IT Time and Costs···
Reduction of administrative burden of help desk, tickets and password resets
···Stronger Security Posture···
Elimination of threats and vulnerabilities related to passwords
This type of authentication involves less user interaction during the login process rather than using the traditional passwords. Also, it provides secure acces for every enterprise case, such as being hybrid, cloud-based or on-premise. In addition, it gives a frictionless user experience and reduce administrative burden and overall security risks.  

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